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1.1 The purpose of this standard guide is to describe the principles and approaches to testing of medical device debris and degradation products from device materials (for example, particles from wear) for their potential to activate a cascade of biological responses at local and systemic levels in the body. In order to ascertain the role of device debris and degradation products in stimulating such responses, the nature of the responses and the consequences of the responses should be evaluated. This is an emerging area. The continuously updated information gained from the testing results and related published literature is necessary to improve the study designs, as well as predictive value and interpretation of the test results regarding debris/degradation product related responses. Some of the procedures listed here may, on further testing, not prove to be predictive of clinical responses to device-related debris and degradation products. However, only the continuing use of standard protocols will establish the most useful testing approaches with reliable study endpoints and measurement techniques. Since there are many possible and established ways of determining the debris/degradation product related responses in vivo, a single standard protocol is not stated. However, this recommended guide indicates which testing approaches are most applicable per expected biological responses and which necessary information should be supplied with the test results. To address the general role of chronic inflammation in exaggerating device-related foreign body response (FBR), the recommendations in this standard include the assessment of device-related pro-inflammatory responses and subsequent tissue remodeling potential.

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